Monday, 28 May 2007

Brick choices

At the moment we think the Boral Escura smooth face would be nice with our plan. With a dark grey roof and white windows.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Option 2

I haven't got a scanner, so I am not sure how to nicely provide a view of the drafted version of this plan (the one we designed), but you get the general idea.
These don't have the massive partially covered area on the side behind the garage that is in the full version. Probably the one thing that makes me wish we could stick with this option.

Option 1

This is the DFH Macquarie. Part of their new generations range. Poorly reproduced in MVH for some visual aide. The most probable choice at this stage.

The beginning, but half over.

Mr and Mrs Parker's first home building experience...

Let's start with some very brief introductions, minus real names for anonymity's sake.
We're a couple, both 26, married for 7 years. 2 Dogs, no kids, both working full time. We live near Wagga NSW.

Our blog starts quite a way through the process of our building project in terms of time invested, though there's very little to show for it.
So far, we've
  • bought a block of land (1/4 acre)
  • Had it surveyed and soil tested. (It's an MD)
  • Gone through a long process of looking at transportable homes and project homes of all sorts including having DFH produce fairly detailed estimates on the Brooklyn design and nearly paying them a deposit except that they only accepted cheque which is very inconvenient.
  • Considered owner building using a variety of Insulated Concrete Forms.
  • Drew up our own plans after many hours of drawing and redrawing using Chief Architect 6 and My Virtual Home. (The idea was to try and maximise usability and suitability to our lifestyle)
  • Had these plans drafted to proposal stage by a drafting and engineering place
  • Had these plans quoted by 2 local builders (the 3rd never got back to us)
  • Picked bricks and external colours that matched the design.
  • Had another look at a new promotion DFH are running.

Which brings us to today, where we find ourselves trying to work out which option is the best way to go.

In my next posting I will provide pictures and specs we're comparing to give people who may follow our footsteps a bit of a head start.