Monday, 7 January 2008

Getting exciting

You may or may not remember that we were intending to wait for the carpet we chose to become available in the middle of Feb which would have pushed back our completion by a few weeks.
We finally got a more firm date from the carpet people, and found that it would be late Feb before they would have it installed, so we figured it made sense to consider compromising on the selection we made.
Let's just say that was a fantastic chain of events. If the carpet hadn't been delayed, we would have just gone for what we picked, and would have been very unhappy with our selection! When we went and looked at others, we also borrowed the sample of the one we initially chose, and now that the walls are painted, we had the perfect opportunity to really see how it would look. It was WAY too dark.
So we're making the final choice on the replacement out of 2 that are readily available, and that means we'll be able to get in as soon as the builder is finished.
Having that firm 'completed by' date instead of the 'sometime in Feb' is so much better somehow and it's really feeling like we're going to be moving soon.

The painting is close to finished on the inside by the looks of things and wet areas are being grouted (need to get pics).

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