Friday, 11 January 2008

Oh No :(

My wife just rang to say that one of the builders (the son - remember they're father and son) has gone away for a few days.... but it's not what you think. I'm not upset he's gone. I'm upset the father didn't go too!
They had a wedding in the family and apparently didn't go because of the fairly tight schedule they're working to. I feel terrible that they felt they couldn't go to something like that because of us.
If you happen to read this guys. Thanks for your dedication, and sorry that you missed out.

Now another oh no moment. We've finally received confirmation that we DO have to pay the section 94 levy, after having been told verbally we don't. I thought they were supposed to send us an assessment notice, but they've just told us it is 1% of the development costs. I'm assuming that for us is about $2500. What a waste of money!!

We don't have a council garbage service, but somehow we owe the council $2.5K for all the extra facilities they will need to provide because of our development!

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